Life of Christ Study

001 (Introduction)002 (Political Landscape)003 (Where Jesus Lived)
004 (Gospel Introductions)005 (Announcements of the Birth of Jesus & John006 (The Births of John & Jesus)
007 (After Jesus’ Birth)008 (The Silent Years)009 (The Ministry of John the Baptist)
010 (The Baptism of Christ)011-012 (The Temptations of Christ)013 (First Disciples and Miracles)
014 (Jesus Cleanses the Temple)015 (Nicodemus)016 (Jesus and the Samaritan Woman)
017 (Galilean Miracles)018 (Fishers of Men)019 (Jesus and the Sabbath)
020 (Jesus Chooses His 12)021 (SotM: The Beatitudes)022 (SotM: Salt & Light)
023 (SotM: Jesus & the Old Testament)024 (SotM: Murder & Anger)025 (SotM: Adultery & Divorce)
026 (SotM: How We Treat Others)027 (SotM: Not For Show – Giving)028 (SotM: Not For Show – Praying)
029 (SotM: Where Is Your Heart?)030 (SotM: Do Not Worry)031 (SotM: Judge Not?)
032 (SotM: The Narrow Way)033 (Jesus Cares About You)034 (Jesus Cares For Sinners)
035 (Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit)036 (Show Us a Sign)037 (Speaking in Parables)
038 (The Parable of the Sower)039 (Jesus Stills the Sea)040 (Jesus Casts Out Legion)
041 (Why Don’t You Fast?)042 (Miracles of Faith)043 (Rejected at Nazareth)
044 (Instructions to His Apostles)045 (Herod Takes Notice of Jesus)046 (Feeding the 5,000)
047 (Jesus Walks on Water)048 (I Am the Bread of Life)049 (Jesus Deals With Traditions)
050 (Jesus in Gentile Territory) 051 (Feeding of the 4,000)052 (The Good Confession)
053 (The Cost of Discipleship)054 (The Transfiguration)055 (Lack of Faith)
056 (That Time God Paid Taxes)057 (Childlikeness)058 (If A Brother Sins Against You)
059 (Jesus on the Way to the Feast)060 (Jesus at the Feast of Booths)061 (The Adulterous Woman)
062 (I Am the Light of the World)063 (The Man Born Blind)064 (Jesus is the Good Shepherd)
065 (The Good Samaritan)066 (Jesus and Two Meals)067 (Teach Us How to Pray)
068 (Leaven of the Pharisees)069 (The Rich Fool)070 (Be Ready!)
071 (A Lesson on Repentance From a Fig Tree)072 (Right Before the Perean Ministry)073 (Two Dinner Parables)
074 (Excuses, Excuses)075 (The Lost Parables)076 (Warnings Against Serving Money)
077 (Rich Man and Lazarus)078 (Unprofitable Servants)079 (Raising Lazarus)
080 (The Ten Lepers)081 (Two Parables on Prayer)082 (Jesus and Marriage)
083 (The Rich Young Ruler)084 (The Laborers in the Vineyard)085 (A Slave to All)
086 (Blind Bartimaeus, Bacchus and Minas)087 (Mary Anoints Jesus)088 (The Triumphant Entry)
089 (The Barren Fig Tree)090 (By What Authority…)091 (By What Authority Part 2)
092 (Jesus Gets Questioned)093 (What is the Greatest Command?)094 (Jesus Asks a Question)
095 (Woe to You Hypocrites)096 (The Widow’s Two Mites)097 (My Hour Has Come)
098 (Matthew 24, Part 1)099 (Matthew 24, Part 2 – Destruction of Jerusalem)100 (Ten Virgins)
101 (Parable of the Talents)102 (Sheep and the Goats)103 (The Last Passover)
104 (Washing Feet)105 (A New Commandment)106 (The Lord’s Supper)
107 (If You Love Me…)108 (The Vines and the Branches)109 (The Helper)
110 (The Lord’s Prayer)111 (Garden of Gethsemane)112 (The Arrest of Jesus)
113 (The Jewish Trials)114 (The Roman Trials, Part 1)115 (The Roman Trials, Part 2)
116 (Judas’ Remorse)117 (The Road to Calvary)118 (First Three Hours on the Cross)
119 (Final Three Hours of the Cross)120 (The Miracles at the Cross)121 (Christ’s Burial)
122 (The Silence of Saturday)123 (Sunday at the Grave)124 (Post Resurrection Part 1)
125 (Post Resurrection Part 2)126 (Post Resurrection Part 3)127 (Post Resurrection Part 4)
128 (Post Resurrection Part 5)129 (Post Resurrection Part 6)130 (The Ascension of Christ)